The Shabang of a Good Headshot | Missoula Montana Headshot Photographer

The Shabang of a Good Headshot | Missoula Montana Headshot Photographer

Your headshot is your first impression. You have .9 seconds to make a lasting impression. What does your headshot say about you? Does your headshot show confidence and approachability? A headshot should capture the persons interest and place trust in them right away. You do not want them to question you. You want them to see your confidence. They should feel comfortable in approaching you with their needs and they should be able to trust that you will help them accomplish their goals. Everyone is judging you by your headshot and they are jumping to thoughts and conclusions about you. Let your headshot make a lasting impression on them by instilling in them your confidence and approachability.

There are many tips and tricks for a photographer to make you look amazing but there are only two ways to bring confidence and approachability to a headshot. You will need to find a professional photographer that knows how to coach you and that you can be comfortable around. One that can make you feel at ease. This is not something to take lightly if you are serious about your profession and goals. Make sure your photographer is experienced in headshots.


Adam Dalrymple – Actor


The first thing to a great headshot is the Confidence. Where and how do you portray confidence? There are only three areas on the face that can express emotions. These areas are the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. The confidence comes from your eyes. If you want to portray the confidence you need to squinch. A squinch is like a squint but less of a squint. If you want to get ahead of the game you can google Peter Hurley and the squinch. His video clip will explain how to pull off the squinch. Once you have the squinch down the next part has to come into play. If you have the confidence without the approachability you will come off as arrogant.

Domenico Cianciotto – Branding and Actor

You second must is to get the approachability. This comes from the mouth. Approachability comes from a smile. You can have just a small smile. All you need to do is relax the mouth and begin to smile to where you feel your cheeks begin to kick in. This is bare minimum you should have to complete the look. If you accomplish the smile but don’t do the squinch to show confidence then you will come off as a creep.

Brin Merkley – Actress


Here is a quote that a photographer should live by “I believe its our responsibility as photographers to pull the best out of our clients; no matter how still and lifeless they are.” – Peter Hurley.


Salinas Bartel – Mrs. Missoula County 2017

I have been shooting headshots for quite some time now and I love doing them. I have dedicated myself to learning and perfecting my headshots. This is why I follow Peter Hurley the greatest headshot photographer in the United States. I joined his headshot crew learning and picking up tips from him to bring to Montana or where ever I may be. Make sure your photographer can help you be you and help you be confident and approachable in your headshot.

A person is not photographic or non photographic. It comes down to the photographer and their ability to mold you.


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